Who is Sheldon Cooper?

This article is dedicated to some one who resembles me as Sheldon Lee Cooper.  And I found some interesting facts about this guy (fictitious). Thanks to wikipedia.
Sheldon Lee Cooper, B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D (born 1980) is a fictional character on the CBS television series The Big Bang Theory, portrayed by actor Jim Parsons. Parsons has won two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe for his role.

Inspiration in Life

From "Discover Your Destiny with the Monk Who Sold his Ferrari" by Robin Sharma

You are far greater than you have ever dreamed of being. And no matter what you are experiencing in your life rightnow, trust that all is good and unfolding in your best interests. It may not look pretty, but it is exactly what you need tolearn for you to grow into the person you have been destined to become. Everything occurring in your life has beenperfectly orchestrated to inspire your maximal evolution as a human being and bring you into your true power. Learnfrom life and allow it to take you where you are meant to go - it has your highest interests in mind.


Good design begins with honesty, asks tough questions, comes from collaboration and from trusting your intuition.
Technical skill is mastery of complexity, while creativity is mastery of simplicity.
There’s a difference between making an imitation and selling it.

Last of the Time Lords

Aw, you're all Mr. Grumpy Face today. It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezes are cool. Sorry, checking all the water in this area; there's an escaped fish. I am the last of my species, and I know how that weighs on the heart so don't lie to me! I hate yogurt. It's just stuff with bits in.

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